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2022 Crafty Chimps Session information!

Unfortunately, with the ever-changing circumstances with COVID-19, We have decided to place all sessions and party bookings on-hold at this stage, until further notice.

Looking for a birthday party with a difference?

We offer fun and exciting activities that are entertaining, allowing children to experiment with messy play and encourage creativity.

Crafty Chimps offers party packages that are suitable for children aged between 6 months and 8 years old.

We offer a range of wonderful sensory activities to keep your young guests fully entertained and engaged. Sit back and watch the children’s smiling face as they proudly display their handmade masterpieces they’ve created, or watch them engage in the messy play activities.

We work with you to decide on how many activities is appropriate for your party and which activities will work best for your little one and their friends.

Best of all, we clean up the mess afterwards!

(please note: If the party is still going when its time for us to leave we will clean up the mess to the best of our ability)




Crafty Chimps come to you or your chosen venue (house, backyard, hall, community hall, park, etc)

We provide all the equipment such as traps, tubs, troughs, mats and materials for the sensory stations, sets up the activities, monitors them during the party, engages with the children and cleans up the activities afterwards.

We will arrive 30 minutes before your party starts to set up the activities, the activities will be available for up to 90 minutes and then cleaned up.

We will require at least one or two children sized tables for sit down arts/craft activities. Additional costs may be incurred if you need us to supply tables.

* Cost is $250 for up to 15 children, any additional children is $7 per child.

* $5.00 per Table hire (we usually like to have 3 tables at the party).

The host receives a special gift for the birthday Crafty Chimp with all packages!


Attendees gift bags favours


$3 per child

  • Choice of play dough colour.
  • A round ball 7cm in size in a cellophane bag.


$4 per child

  • Your choice of a Plaster Mould in stock design in a cellophane bag.
  • 2 paint colours.
  • Paintbrush.


$6 per child

  • Printed picture A5, Your choice of picture.
  • Small glue stick.
  • Craft items to stick on such as glitter, sequences, pom poms, feathers, match sticks in a cello bag.

Party themes

We have a number of messy fun and crafty themes you can choose from already…

  • Farm
  • Transport
  • Hotwheels
  • Space
  • Jungle
  • Under the sea
  • Dinosaurs
  • Colours
  • Numbers
  • Shapes
  • Critters and Bugs
  • Office
  • Baking
  • Mix up theme

Please let us know if you have a different theme in mind, please note this may incur additional costs.

Bookings and cancellations

It’s super easy to book a party with Crafty Chimps! All you have to do is complete our Birthday Party Booking Form at the below link.

We require a 50% deposit to confirm your booking. You may change the party date and package up to 7 days prior to your event. If you cancel your party more than 7 days out, you will have the choice to re-book another date.

Cancellation within 7 days of your party, you will forfeit your deposit and the cost of any party extras that have already been ordered and purchased by Crafty Chimps on your behalf.

A small travel cost may be charged for locations that are 20km outside of postcode 3026, this cost will be disclosed upon your booking enquiry if it is applicable.

Thank you for interest in Crafty Chimps as your Party Entertainment.

Party and private event FAQ

Thank you for taking the time to read our frequently asked questions.
We look forward to entertaining your party or event. ๐Ÿ™‚

What do you do if I have a mixed age group of children?

That’s okay, we will set up a mix of activities to make sure everyone is entertained. It is quite normal to have a range of ages at birthday parties or events. In our Crafty Chimps session’s the activities we have available cater for a broad range of age’s and abilities as children use the activities/resources differently. We are there to supervise, facilitate and support the children throughout the time we are there with the activities.

We will also have options at the activities for the children, for example, younger children will be more hands-on and will explore mainly through senses while older children will start to engage with our activities use scientific concepts and techniques, role play and experiment.

What do you do in my party or private event?

During the session we will:

  • Set up 2 art and craft stations that are designed around your chosen theme.ย  This can be a craft with pasting, making an item, painting, etc.
    We will have alternates available for the mixed age groups, for example, older children will make an item from scratch and for younger children, we will pre-make the items and they would paint them or stick on basic things.
  • We will set up a playdough play space with resources such as scissors rolling pins cutters, younger children would be more hands-on exploring with activity but we have options available depending on the child’s level which we supervise.
  • Depending on how many children attend we will have our signature messy play stations which could consist of bubble foam, slime, cloud dough, dirt, rice, water etc.
  • We will have play spaces set up attached to your chosen theme.
  • Group time with singing/dancing to songs attached to your chosen theme
  • We are there to facilitate, supervise, and of course, entertain the children throughout the time we are there. and of course clean up the mess when its all done! ๐Ÿ™‚

What space will I need to provide for Crafty Chimps session?

This is based on the number of children attending. We would like at least 6 meters by 4 meters for 10 children. This can be done in 2 spaces if you don’t have one big space. Pergola and grass areas are suitable, or garage/carport space. We will talk with you and plan around your space.

What if I want a theme that's not in the list?

This is definitely possible but may incur an additional fee if we do not have the items you are wanting.

I don't have child size tables, What happens in this case?

Crafty Chimps has Child size table for hire each table is $5.00 each. We need a minimum of 2 tables, 3 is preferred.

What if I need to add additional children, why is there any additional charge for them?

7 days prior to your party or event we will contact you for a list of children’s names attending the event.

We will have their craft items with their names on them. Children who are not paid for will not receive these items.ย  We totally understand the complexities of people attending an event and that sometimes this can be out of your control we will have a couple of extra activities or craft items on the day and will be more than accommodating.

The additional charge per child covers the following:

  • Craft for items that we plan for the individual child
  • Additional messy play stations to keep children engaged and not waiting turns.

What is the maximum number for children that can attend the party or event?

There are no maximum amount of children just as long as you have the space for them and we will plan enough of our activities for them to be entertained. However, Large parties may incur an additional fee if 2 staff or more are required. We will talk with you about this at the time of booking.

I would like Plaster moulds for my party and would like personalised labels on them?
Yes, We can make a personalised thank you label from the host for an extra 50cents per Playdough, Plaster, or Craft Pack.

I would like Plaster moulds for my party and would like personalised labels on them?

Yes, We can make a personalised thank you label from the host for an extra 50cents per Playdough, Plaster, or Craft Pack.

More questions?

No problems. Contact our customer care team for any queries. Please refer to the individual product descriptions as they may answer any additional questions.