About Us

Crafty Chimps Program

Crafty Chimps provides an educational craft and play session for children from 6 months to 5 years of age.

Crafty Chimps is ran by qualified Early Childhood Teachers who support, encourage and guide your child/ren during our interactive and hands on sessions.

Our mission is to design and create themes that are fun for the children and adults to engage in interactive educational learning experiences, with these experiences assisting children to develop through imaginative, social, intellectual learning, creativity craft, and messy and sensory play.

Crafty Chimps is a fully portable business with capabilities to set up in cafes, community centres and parks. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in hiring Crafty Chimps or would like more information about our hire options.

Crafty Chimps Team

The founder of Crafty Chimps Rose is both a mum and fully qualified Early Childhood Teacher.

Rose is a passionate educator and is working Part-Time in a Sessional Kindergarten, she has a current up to date First Aid, CPR, Anaphylaxis and Asthma Training. Rose holds a current VIT Card.

As a qualified teacher, it’s in my blood to ensure my kids are learning something whilst playing… Rose at Crafty Chimps has designed writing boards to bring learning to the home environment and allow children to develop and move through the stages of writing from drawing lines to shapes then writing letters, numbers their name and then words

Rose has a strong passion for delivering educational programs to children, she love’s getting messy and enjoying all aspects of children’s excitement, growth and love for learning through play. Rose keeps up to date with the latest educational learning and embeds this into the Crafty Chimps experience.